Fitness & Sport Professional Photographer Brandon Barnard

Fitness & Active Lifestyle Professional Photographer Brandon Barnard

Professional Photographer Brandon Barnard has over 21 years of photographing fitness models across South Africa. Brandon has extensive experience in shooting, both in studio and on location, working with natural light or using Profoto B1 Light Shapers.

Brandon's camera of choice varies, depending on the clients needs, from working with Nikon, Hasselblad or Phase 1.

“I love the physicality of Fitness Photography, you are working with top Athletes, Body Builders and Dancers at the peak of their body conditioning and you have a duty to make their bodies look as good as possible, but also to give them something a little unexpected.”

When it comes to his photography, Brandon is not a great fan of posed static shots. He prefers motion in order to get the fitness model moving and activate those core muscles groups to capture the correct poses that will translate into a great photograph.

For Brandon, Fitness Photography is all about energy, understanding the anatomy of the human body and what poses work best, how to get the best possible performance from his fitness models and how to light for different body types. No two bodies are the same so it follows that every time Brandon shoots his lighting changes to suit his models’ needs.

Brandon's background in graphic design is evident in his photography, often using his graphic design skills and incorporating them into his photos in post production using photoshop.

“It really is all about standing out as a fitness photographer, having that unique vision. Fitness Photography is no longer just about light shaping and clicking the camera it is about building an atmosphere, a mood and edginess, I try and bring all that to my work.


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    These are the brands that you will find amongst Brandon's photographic and lighting equipment:

    Nikon Professiona Equipment - Brandon Barnard Fitness Photographer Profoto Professional Equipment - Brandon Barnard Fitness Photographer Hasselblad - Brandon Barnard Fitness Photographer